Cara Delevingne Talks Of Releasing Liberating New TV Series “Planet Sex”

The model and LGBTQ+ advocate creates a safe space to unpack the mysteries surrounding human sexuality.

In lieu of the current sexual revolution, model turned sex-pert Cara Delevingne – and peg the patriarchy icon- talks the release of the TV series “Planet Sex,” a collaboration between BBC Three and Hulu. With a mission to instigate raw and unfiltered conversation among the masses, Delevingne mercilessly unpacks the major questions within the realm of human sexuality while simultaneously disclosing details of her own sexual encounters. Through her charismatic deep dive into the mysteries of sexuality, the pansexual identifying idol puts her own lived experiences to the test – creating the ultimate sexual teacher.

The (2012/2014) former model of the year “plans to put her mind and body on the line” in an effort to open herself up to “experiments and demonstrations in the world’s leading sex research labs.” By educating herself and others on gender, sexual orientation, relationships, and porn, Delevingne creates a safe space for people to loosen the tension when it comes time to have those honest and personal conversations.

“As someone who struggled for years to understand my sexual identity, I am so excited to be partnering with Hulu, Naked, BBC Three, and Fremantle to be making a series that could change the views of so many people through honest and personal conversations. I can only imagine what having a series like this would have meant to the 14-year-old me who struggled to understand feelings that were seen as non-conventional or different. If our series helps one young person have an easier conversation with their parents, we will have achieved one of our many goals in making this series” – Cara Delevingne via BBC.

Unsettlingly, after two years from BBC’s 2020 initial statement of the series being “currently in production,” the networks are still reluctant to confirm its airing date. However, word of mouth has hinted that the series will launch in 2023. Fingers crossed.

From V Summer 2017 Issue
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