Cardi B Lands Vegas Residency

Cardi B celebrates landing Vegas Residency while strutting to the children’s tune “Baby Shark”

Cardi B is taking on a new business venture and before the ink could even dry on the deal, she let it be known that she’s Sin city’s newest resident. Some of the world’s greatest performers from the likes of Gaga, Britney, and of course Mariah Carey have solidified their spots as stars on the strip; and we think Cardi can definitely hang. Infamous for gaudiness and it’s bank breaking potential, Vegas has definitely met its match with over-the-top outspoken rapper Cardi B.

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In an Instagram video, she gloats that the “rumors are true” she will be headlining her very own residency in Vegas.  It wouldn’t be Cardi B if she didn’t throw some shade into the mix. Quickly checking her naysayers, Cardi say’s although she is not yet a “Legend” and only has “one album”; everything she touches turns to gold. To keep it PG let’s just say Cardi stressed that her supporters always show up and the people who offered her this deal did their research. After hilariously breaking the world record for using the most profane words in one sentence, she ends the video by cordially extending an invitation to everyone. And if you want to party with Cardi, this may just be your chance.

Flaunting her Vegas residency in another video post, Cardi gives us her fiercest runway walk to viral kid’s tune “Baby Shark”.  And surprisingly it’s a pretty good strut, watch out Naomi. Cardi is coming for your spot next, she said it herself in “Money”; where ever the money leads she shall follow. With no confirmed dates for the residency, you won’t have to travel to Vegas just yet to see Cardi. The New York Rapper will be making an appearance during the Super Bowl but not on the halftime stage, she will star in a Pepsi commercial. As a whole this week has been very profitable for Cardi B, her undeniable star power is elevating to her new heights.

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