Cardi B’s “Press” Video Parodizes Her Legal Woes

Cardi B Releases highly anticipated music video for “Press”, making a caricature out of her own recent legal battles.

Arguably the biggest thing since sliced bread, Cardi B has had quite the trajectory over the past two years. She first hit the airwaves in 2017 with Bodak Yellow, a catchy club anthem that quickly spread until the song was inescapable (and is now forever etched onto our brains). Following the mainstream success of her first single, Cardi went on to release a chart-topping debut album, Invasion of Privacy, in 2018.  

The Bronx-born rapper has garnered a cult-like fan base (with partial thanks to her tell-it-like-it-is attitude) and in turn earned herself a slew of Grammy nominations. That unapologetic honesty that the world can’t get enough of has proven to be Cardi’s greatest strength, and kryptonite. From rap beefs and gala brawls to her most recent night club fiasco that landed her in court, trouble (and success) seem to follow her in equal measure. 

Earlier in the week, the rapper entered a plea of not guilty for felony assault charges pending against her. From the moment the charges were made public knowledge, Cardi has been radio silent on the matter but that all changed today…well, kind of. While she may have pleaded not guilty in court, in true form the spitfire rapper isn’t pleading her case or taking any prisoners in the highly anticipated music video for “Press”.  

Opening with a short-lived sultry night club scene, just as everyone was beginning to get comfortable with one another, Cardi B lets off a gunshot. The rapper is later seen being perp-walked into a police interrogation room while sporting an extravagant Edda Gimnes get-up. Seemingly indifferent to the severity of the circumstances, Cardi puts her feet up on the table, further antagonizing the prosecutor by blowing cigarette smoke in his face.  

The bad-girl-gone-worse persona shines through as a Viktor & Rolf Couture-draped Cardi stands trial for murder. After delivering a compelling testimony that sends the courtroom into frenzy, the rapper stages a coup, killing everyone in her wake. Now sentenced to prison, a disheveled Cardi B is escorted to her cell. The dramatized parody of Cardi’s real-life legal woes ends with the rapper drowning her cellmate in the water of a toilet. As entertaining as the music video may be, we can only hope that Cardi B’s life doesn’t imitate her art. 

See the press-worthy music video for “Press” below.  

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