Carly Rae Jepsen Tells V How She Kicks Off Summer

Colorful wardrobe and a Moscow Mule in tow.

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V MAGAZINE All-time favorite song of the summer?

CARLY RAE JEPSEN “Sunshine on My Shoulders” by John Denver. It reminds me of my childhood. I would listen to that record over and over while singing in my backyard hammock.

V Tell us about one of your most memorable summers.

CRJ One summer for the books was my solo, three-week trip to Italy. I learned to cook Italian [food], went horseback riding, and walked all over Rome and Venice in vintage dresses I’d found along the way.

V Go-to summer beverage?

CRJ Either gin and tonic or a Moscow mule.

V What’s in your summer survival kit?

CRJ Colorful clothing and a great, big hat.

V Can you tell us about your creative process when producing music these days?

CRJ Depends on the day but I do love the escape music gives me. I am lucky to have very talented band mates sending me tracks so we kinda pen pal back and forth about songs. Trying to maybe even share a part of the process later.

V Is there a certain song or artist you’ve been listening to more, and/or “reconnected” with, over the course of self-quarantining measures?

CRJ The Beatles.

V Have you been feeling inspired during this time? Have you been tailoring your music a certain way? How so?

CRJ I think it’s just a time to be the most authentic so whatever feeling I’m feeling I try to make space for. But sometimes the happiest tracks win for me. It gets me dancing even if I didn’t put pants on yet. 

V What role do you think music can play during a crisis such as this?

CRJ I think it’s always just about connection. I’ve always felt that way.

Dress Richard Quinn, Earrings Bulgari
Carly Rae wears Top and jacket Fendi; Skirt Moschino; Earrings Guess; Skincare and makeup Clarins
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