The Making of V: Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele and Linda Evangelista (V83 & V14)

On living out loud on set.

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To illustrate our V family values, we revisit some of our most scrapbook-worthy clips. Ahead, stylist extraordinaire Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele chats with supermodel icon Linda Evangelista swap their most cherished memories of V.

CARLYNE CERF DE DUDZEELE The Miley [cover shoot] was so good—it was the best day. Really, really good!

LINDA EVANGELISTA It is very good!

CCD Yeah and we painted her hair orange [to match] the orange Louis Vuitton bag. I wanted the Vuitton bag in the picture because it was big, so I put it in her mouth. She was perfection in this one.

LE And you taped her name on there too.

CCD Yeah, with my black photographer tape.

LE [Some might wonder] how you got Miley to put [the bag] in her mouth, but I know how. You won’t take no for an answer! Miley got off really easy there just having the bag in her mouth. I’ve had earrings super glued to my ears. You just shut up; you don’t say anything, so I know how Miley got that bag in her mouth. It was put in her mouth and she was gagged. [Laughs]

CCD Well, anything to get a good picture, darling.

LE It is a great picture. I love that picture.

CCD A model never talks, and a model has to…[Laughs, trailing off]

LE The model has to shut up and do what she’s told.

CCD [Laughs] Exactamundo.

LE I am sure you have many great memories [from that shoot], especially if Oribe was there. CCD Yes! What was your first cover? Which issue was it?

LE V14 with Mario Testino in 2001. It was in Paris and I remember I had to eat prosciutto for a picture. I mean, the things we have to do to get a good picture… If you guys think it’s a good picture, it’s fine with me. I am Italian so I like prosciutto. What other shoots have you done for V that you love?

CCD Nicole Kidman was also a good one. She said, “Carlyne, you can do anything you want.” So I went for it, “Bing, Bang, Boom!” I also love your black and white cover.

LE That was my first time working with Inez and Vinoodh and I believe it was my last time. I must have really impressed them. [Laughs] You had me smiling on the cover, and I wasn’t in a bad mood that day so I don’t know. [Laughs] I just know whenever you are working with V, you are allowed to push your creativity to the max. The ideas, wherever they come from, are always spot on. I have enjoyed all of the shoots I have done for V.

Miley Cyrus for V83
Linda Evangelista for V14
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