Carolina Herrera’s Latest Is A ‘Tribute To the City That Never Quits’

The collection’s video celebrates all of the city’s tourist attractions once taken for granted.

Sightseeing buses, the Empire State Building and Times Square — all the things New Yorkers took for granted before the city was wracked by the pandemic. In a snow-studded video straight out of a Christmas movie, Carolina Herrera’s Fall 2021 evokes the now-bygone days of New York City and its iconic landmarks. To the tune of “Native New Yorker,” models frolic around city’s tourist attractions, oft-begrudged by natives. “This collection is a tribute to the city that never quits,” reads the video’s end screen.

The collection captures the city’s larger-than-life energy, with big, bold colors and maximalist silhouettes. Heart motifs are present throughout the collection, a potential nod to “I Heart NY” tourist tees. One slinky piece gets this particularly right — a long-sleeved pink and red knit dress patterned with hearts. Other highlights include work-friendly dresses and separates in splashy prints, and a healthy dose of miniskirts. A red raincoat in a cape silhouette seems like a fabulously dramatic addition to any New Yorker’s closet. In the video’s final shot, Alek Wek and fellow models pose in Times Square with the season’s most sought-after accessory — face masks.

“I was inspired by the effervescent attitude of New Yorkers – especially the very New Yorkers that form the heartbeat of our atelier in the garment district,” writes creative director Wes Gordon. “This collection is a rallying cry for the city that never quits. There are now reasons for cautious optimism – let’s embrace them!”

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