Cartier Evokes Everyday Luxury With "Art of Living" Collection

Cartier Evokes Everyday Luxury With "Art of Living" Collection

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Cartier Evokes Everyday Luxury With "Art of Living" Collection

With new objects in Decorations, Games, Baby and Writing collections, Cartier is embarking on an exploration of refined domesticity.

With new objects in Decorations, Games, Baby and Writing collections, Cartier is embarking on an exploration of refined domesticity.

Text: Trishna Rikhy

To bring the lovely into the home, to bring out the subtle pleasures of everyday life, to treat yourself to something magnificent—this is what Cartier embodies with the “Art of Living” series, a selection of objects construed of four new collections (Decoration, Writing, Baby, and Games) made to enter and elevate day-to-day living.

For today, for the future, for ourselves, for others, for inspiration: the simple yet intricate and intriguing objects, from stationery to music boxes, are little bits of love from the long-established Cartier tradition. Since 1880, the house has been tinkering with everyday objects, from bottling the earliest fragrances to making compacts for powders, from designing inkwells to crafting writing accessories in its own Cartier New York exhibition.

What is life without luxury, without exploration, innovation, the comfort of home and the objects that make you proud to live in it? From new decoration pieces to writing and travel objects, Cartier amplifies everyday life, delving into global cultures and bringing trinkets back with tradition.

Cartier has been sampling objects of the everyday since the 1930s, when the founder’s grandson, Louis Carter, highlighted the importance of utilitarian accessories in addition to aesthetic ones. In an interview with the press, he said: “In fact, we do not only produce luxury jewelry. I would say, monsieur, that jewelry like ours is as capable of adorning a woman’s shoulders with a dazzling necklace as it is of filling hr handbag with a powder compact, a mirror, a small comb and even business cards, all stamped with the same seal of originality and art.”

Originality and art is what Cartier excels at, encapsulating the two in four glorious new collections: Decoration, Writing, Baby and Games.

Imbued with the panther, double C, or ribbon motifs, the Decoration collection features stylish objects for the home with an extra dash of Cartier refinement. Porcelain objects including a trinket tray, delicate vase, and lacquered wooden objects (such as a jewelry case and watch box) dazzle the home, making for perfect bedside or accent pieces, a way to remind ourselves that home should be the equivalent of happiness.

The Writing collection spells out the joys of pen and paper, a craft of intellectual pursuits. With objects continuing the Cartier tradition (from the first fountain pens to the most recent editions of the Stationery department at Cartier New York), sketchbooks, pencil boxes, inkpads, notebooks, invitation cards and more enhance the art of writing, combining ribbon or panther motifs with perfectly divine tools.

In the Baby collection, there has never been a better time to be a little one. A butterfly, rabbit, panda, and fox with stylized features and Maison logo motifs are stamped across favorite baby trinkets. An egg cup, a rattle, a tumbler and silver photo frame, even a cashmere blanket—these are the baby objects to keep, the ones which are made from love and made to be loved.

The Games collection brings fun into the home, an exploration of leisurely pursuits. A solitaire game and blocks entertain, while a collection of playful objects with the Maison’s beloved symbols (from the Cartier bellboy to the gold-festooned red box) draws out the pleasure of pastimes.

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Credits: Images courtesy of Cartier


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