SIXIÈME SENS, or Six Sense, is a desire to play with our perceptions, a flair to reveal emotions in presence of beauty

An interplay between craftsmanship and artisanship, SIXIÈME SENS, Cartier’s newest high jewelry collection, is designed to surprise, stun, and mesmerize. Translated to Six Sense, the collection is an illustration of soulfulness and an art form that challenges our perceptions, leading us into a world of sensory stimulations. 

Touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste, five basic senses guide us to perceive the world. But Cartier won’t just bore you with them: as the collection brings these senses alive, the sixth sense comes out, revealing a staggering feeling of emotion that touches the heart.

The collection consists of 7 pieces, each exemplifying and redefining Cartier’s masterful inventiveness. With amplified contrast between the different sizes of stones and different hues, the Phaan ring is an exceptionally creative glamour. With an 8.20 carat ruby, a tiered construction allows a 4.01-carat rose-cut diamond to be inserted directly below the magnificent stone that sits at the top. Along with tiny ruby balls, diamonds surround the central stone, arranged with subtle openings to allow them to catch the light, illuminating the ruby.

Movement, rhythm, and all spatial and temporal references are lost in a precious mosaic of gemstones. Diamonds, onyx and rock crystals form a hypnotic checkboard on the Meride necklace that seems to be alive with perpetual movement.

The Pixelage necklace illustrates both markings and symbolic power. Polished onyxes evoke the marbling of the fur, while white, yellow and orange diamonds represent the thickness of the pelt, with golden reflections highlighted by three captivating golden topazes for a total of 27.34 carats.

Blurring visual bearings and confusing perceptions, the Parhelia ring combines sapphires and emeralds. A 21.51-carat sapphire cabochon in the center with an intense blue hue that seems to glow from within. Around it is five parentheses of radiant diamonds and emeralds reflecting the light. Black lacquer creates shadow effects to reinforce the impression of movement.

The Alaxoa necklace is made up of green emeralds and dotted diamonds, using Cartier’s expertise threading technique, which threads the stones on a wire to form strands and fringes. As a result, the strands are linked together by tiny metal bridges, maintaining a fan shape while allowing the fringes to remain mobile.

The Coruscant necklace is emblematic of Maison’s style – the mix of cuts not only amplifies the brilliance of diamonds but also infuses the overall composition with real rhythm.

Playing with vibrations of the same hue, the Sharkara necklace evokes an organic shape, ripe with succulent berries. This necklace brings together tourmalines and colored sapphires in a rainbow of pink, illustrated by the bright orange of garnets and the brilliance of diamonds. 

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