Cartier Opens Applications for the 2023 Women’s Initiative

The iconic jewelry brand is looking to stand behind female entrepreneurs who are setting out to change the world. 

Since 2006, Cartier has sought to promote change with the Women’s Initiative. By providing financial, social and human capital support to female entrepreneurs, Cartier aims to help women grow their businesses and build leadership skills. The program is open to women-run and women-own business across the globe. All businesses must have a sustainable and/or environmental impact.

The Cartier Women’s Initiative has supported 262 women from 62 different countries since its launch. Over the years, Cartier Women’s Initiative granted a total of $6,440,000 to help support the winning businesses. One goal drives all of this support: The hope to solve the most pressing global challenges. 

Image courtesy of Cartier Women’s Initiative

After celebrating its 15th anniversary at the World Expo on International Women’s Day in Dubai last March, Cartier Women’s Initiative looks for ways to allow more entrepreneurs to have the opportunity to partake in the program. As the world continues to change, the initiative wants to ensure that their program evolves with new developments in the global ecosystem. In honor of this desire to evolve, the 2023 edition expands with the creation of new Regional and Thematic Awards. 

The Regional Awards now represent 9 regions.  Latin America and the Caribbean, North America, Europe, Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa, Anglophone and Lusophone Africa, Middle East and North Africa, East Asia, South Asia and Central Asia, and Oceania are the regions in consideration for this award. Cartier Women’s Initiative will select 3 fellows from each region, or 27 awardees, to take home the prestigious prize. The winners will be announced in April 2023. 

The Thematic Awards include a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award on their roster. After adding the Science & Technology Pioneer award in 2021, the initiative wants to encourage entrepreneurial solutions that aim to close gaps of access, outcome or opportunities for underrepresented communities or communities that have been labeled underserving. Although other thematic awards focus on supporting women, the new award is open to all genders. 3 fellows will be selected for each thematic award: Science & Technology Pioneer Award, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award. The awardees are announced in April 2023. 

Image courtesy of Cartier Women’s Initiative

The selection process for the Regional and Thematic awards occurs in two phases. Phase 1 takes place in April 2023. Cartier announces the top three applicants for each award during this phase. Phase 2 begins in May 2023. The jury selects the first-place, second-place, and third-place awardees. Cartier Women’s Initiative reveals the winners during Cartier Women’s Initiative awards ceremony. The first-place winner will take home a US $100,000 grant. Second-and third-place awardees will receive US $60,000 and US $30,000. 

All awardees will receive tailored mentoring, coaching, media visibility, and networking opportunities. Awardees will receive in-person INSEAD  Social Entrepreneurship Program and/or INSEAD Executive Education Program (pending admission based on INSEAD’s eligibility criteria and selection process) as well. 

Applications for the 2023 edition of the Cartier Women’s Initiative open on May 16, 2022. Submissions close on June 30th, 2022 at 2pm (CEST).   

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