Cartier rings in the new year with the iconic Monica Bellucci

The French jeweler and watchmakers latest campaign

Instantly recognizable for their inimitable precious creations, Cartier’s latest campaign is an homage to the house’s most iconic designs — from Juste un Clou and Love bracelets to the Trinity ring, Tank watches and more. These quintessential collections are brought together for the first time, celebrating the Cartier’s boundless vision and the design intelligence that has secured them unwavering desirability. The campaign alternates between featuring all the pieces while also highlighting each of the designs individually. 

Cartier enlisted the dazzling Monica Bellucci — a longtime brand ambassador – to adorn the timeless trinkets in a series of photographs captured for the campaign. Styled to represent a variety of different decades, the French/Italian actress emanates the collections’ ability to transcend time.

“Cartier is a pioneering house, in constant creative exploration. This campaign demonstrates the Maison’s ability to create cult designs that stand the test of time, objects that are at once immediately recognizable and bear witness to the past”, said Arnaud Carrez, Cartier’s Marketing and Communication Director. “The simplicity and strength of these images allow us to celebrate a unique collection of cult design creations that have earned a place in the history of jewelry and watchmaking, and in the hearts of our customers.”

The oval bracelet, composed of two circular arcs screwed together, is perhaps one of the brand’s most recognizable designs. Although first introduced back in 1969, this piece continues to entice the masses — from Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in the 70s to today’s celebrities including Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber.

Designs such as the Santos de Cartier were created over 100 years ago, the square watch was brought to life on the basis of minimalism and precision. Meanwhile, the Panthère was first created in 1983 and then re-imagined just a few years ago, all designs not dissimilar to the Santos but nevertheless just as alluring.

Although vintage to some, these pieces remain just as revered, representing the rich cultural and emotional heritage of the beloved luxury designers.


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