Cartier Taps British Powerhouse Vanessa Kirby As Newest Brand Ambassador

The Princess Margaret of our hearts

In the grand tradition of finding elegant, well-defined superstars to lead their brand campaigns, Cartier has tapped a new face for their jewelry and scents: Vanessa Kirby. The critically acclaimed Brit has made a name for herself within the acting industry, earning accolades and applause along the way. After receiving her first Oscar nomination for her harrowing performance in Pieces of a Woman, while balancing mass appeal from her performance in The Crown, Kirby’s name is at the forefront of the public consciousness. And now, to cap that all off, a new gig repping one of the most illustrious luxury brands out there. 

Kirby has specifically signed on to promote Cartier’s new fragrance, La Panthère. Dropping in 2023, the fragrance embodies femininity and grace. Kirby herself recognizes this, commenting on her love of the brand and new scent: “It is such an honour to become an ambassador and embody the wild feminine spirit behind the iconic scent of La Panthère. To be aligned with a house that has a real appreciation for – and commitment to – philanthropy, women’s empowerment, conservation and arts and culture, powered by the extraordinary team at Cartier, is truly inspiring.” 

Image courtesy of Cartier

Having made a name for herself in prestige dramas and stageplays, Kirby has the allure and talent that Cartier wants to represent. This trend of luxury brands finding celebrity ambassadors has reached some bawdy, overdrawn conclusions, with brands finding seemingly unrelated celebrities just to up their awareness. The pairing of Kirby and Cartier seems more fitting, though. After viewing Kirby’s masterclass in acting in Pieces of a Woman, one must applaud and praise her mass of talent. That prestige, and that truly realized power, is the image that Cartier intends to represent.

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