Cartier Women’s Initiative Honors Its 15th Anniversary

In a Dubai-based ceremony, Cartier Women’s Initiative recognized women across the globe who’ve had significant impacts within their respective fields.

Since its 2006 inception, Cartier Women’s Initiative has supported 262 women across 62 countries, granting over $6 million in rewards not only for their businesses but a singular creed: solving the most pressing global challenges. As part of their 15th-anniversary celebration, Cartier Women’s Initiative honored global trailblazers for a two-day reunion ceremony which started on March 6th. In Dubai, the event recognized these women’s achievements and their continued, significant impact. 10 Cartier Women’s Initiative Community Champions comprised of mentors, judges, and coaches also received tribute. Meet & Learn workshops and networking sessions were also held to develop partnerships and undertake joint challenges.

The Cru, a United States-based women’s training organization, CEO and Founder Tiffany Dufu, hosted the celebratory gathering, which started with a poetic musical number by Italian-Brazilian conductor Simone Menezes, honoring each woman entrepreneur. The event preceded with an opening speech by Cartier International President and CEO Cyrille Vigneron. They re-avowed Cartier’s women empowerment pledge and commended the program’s successful development since its beginnings nearly two decades prior. “I am thrilled to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Cartier Women’s Initiative,” she expressed. “During all these years this initiative has brought together a community of passionate social entrepreneurs, who have developed successful business models improving lives around them. This community is a constant source of awe and inspiration.”

In continuance, world diving champion Guo Jingjing and actor and producer Yara Shahidi, as the event’s special guests, opened up about their outlooks for gender equality and women’s empowerment and foregrounding the newer generation’s influential desire in regards to social and environmental impact. After these dialogues, Cyrille Vigneron and Carter Middle East, India, and Africa CEO Sophie Doireau honored the event’s 9 Impact Awardees presented with human capital support, which holds equivalent merit of $10,000. These individuals were awarded and recognized for their businesses’ remarkable influence.

The 3 First-Place Impact Awardees, Temie Giwa Tubosun, Nigeria, LifeBank, and Charlotte Wang, China, EQuota Energy, and Fariel Salahuddin, Pakistan, UpTrade, respectively. They each received $100,000 in grants as part of the Improving Lives, Preserving the Planet, and Creating Opportunities categories, rooted in the United Nations sustainable development goals. The 3 Second-Place Impact Awardees, Nneka Mobisson, Nigeria, mDoc, and Joanne Howarth, Australia, Planet Protector Packaging, and Carmina Bayombong, Philippines, InvestEd within the same categories respectively, received $60,000. The 3 Third-Place Impact Awardees Rasha Rady, Egypt, Chefaa, and Lorna Rutto, Kenya, EcoPost, and Carol Chyau, China, Shokay earning $30,000.

Explore Cartier Women’s Initiative ceremony in its entirety below.

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