Casablanca And Bulgari Debut Summery Handbag Collection

Casablanca and Bulgari have unveiled their second, handbag collaboration in line with the season.

New handbags have arrived just in time to add to your summer wardrobe. The ones in question? Parisian-based luxury fashion house Casablanca and Bulgari recently debuted their second collaborative line of purses. The three-dimensional mosaic-filled collection that roots in Rome and all its wonders comprises three styles: the top handle, tote, and pochette handbags.

Casablanca And Bvlgari

Each piece reimagines the Italian capital’s timeless villas and landmarks through an enchanting, kaleidoscopic palette while fusing the neo-classic era and Casablanca’s signature seasonal getaway-like feel. Earlier this year, the two unveiled their inaugural Après-sport collection that takes inspiration from all things tennis and its classic cross-court flair, brimming with emerald greens, athleisure silhouettes, and Bulgari’s serpentine composition.

Continuing with the theme of activity, this collection’s designs speak to its adventurous spirit surrounding all things excursion, exploring new destinations, casual times out, and ultimate relaxation. Its pochette can act as a phone holder for those times when technology isn’t the first thought. The top handle with a crafted wooden strap is a fit for those leisurely brunch outings, while the tote is ideal for holding any travel essentials.

The Mosaic Story Casablanca and Bulgari collection is available now on Bulgari’s official website and in select Bulgari boutiques worldwide.

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