Casablanca Provides A Pathway For Escapism In Their Latest SS23 Collection

Moroccan contemporary luxe label Casablanca decodes their latest “Futuro Optimisto” collection for us through 3 vignettes; Vaqueros, Phantastica, Nature and Architecture.

The eternal hope of the spirit. Casablanca’s latest “Futuro Optimisto” collection is harmony in creation. Standing profound in believing that even the most tremendous storm can be a gateway to abundance. The deep-seated understanding is that the most obstructive or negative encounters can transform into absolute positivity if you allow the world’s vastness to expand your consciousness. Knowing that to yearn for a brighter future dissolves limiting beliefs and boundaries, elevating us to become masters of our destiny — letting the beauty of the world unravel before us. Contemporary fashion house Casablanca deciphers their latest Spring/Summer 2023 collection for us through 3 vignettes; Vaqueros, Phantastica, Nature and Architecture. 

Founded by self-taught designer and creative director Charaf Tajer, who featured in collaboration with Virgil Abloh’s Off-White, Casablanca represents the rich dual heritage of his life as a French – Moroccan. This collection was nostalgically shaped around a reflection period he spent in Mexico. With real horses wandering aimlessly and cowboys boldly circling the corral, combined with the potent hypnotic colors of the venue, an intersection between psychedelics and ranch life was prominent.  


Saddles and chaps, the scent of singed leather under the midday sun. Riding through tall grass valleys alone. The Vaqueros of the west coast of Mexico. The essence of freedom is in harmony with nature. Earth tones of tan, leather, and suede subverted into kaleidoscopic hues, injecting broad strokes of color through a Casablanca lens. A surrealist take on life on the prairies where delicate ornament meets rugged utility.


Designing opportunities in the mind that the eye cannot see. Symbolic of Casablanca’s reconnection with their land – manifesting nature’s ability to heal the spirit. The infinite mindscape, the stretching of time and place, and the transcendence of self-limiting beliefs. Cosmic consciousness. A feeling of collective unity that tears away from traditional thinking.

Nature and Architecture

The free flow of nature meets the structure of the manmade design. The arch is an abstract symbol of strength. A spiritual portal. A complex prism allows us to view the world’s beauty at a distance. Oceanic land-scapes unravel concealed allegories. Fantastical creatures inspired by the work of Pedro Linares–imagined by artisan-led workshop Zeny Fuentes y Reyna in Oaxaca — are a hallucinatory journey through the animal kingdom. The movement of the oceans, the evolution of architecture, and the unity of man and nature.

Their SS2023 collection presents delicate lattice beadwork across dresses, tops, and skirts using an artisanal hand embroidery technique. Appearing on outerwear and denim is the latest sustainable technique involving a single thread of 100 percent recycled polyester. Silkwear remains a staple in the collection, continuing to serve as a vehicle of Casablanca storytelling – this season illustrates psychedelic night skies in Oaxaca and custom watercolor interpretations of nature scenes by Oaxacan artisans.

Casablanca jewelry doubles in the collection, offering charm bracelets adorned in natural pearls, psychedelic mushrooms, horseshoes, cacti, and natural stones. Meanwhile, enamel necklaces and intricate beading decorate 18k plated earrings. The classic Casablanca monogram is omnipresent throughout the collection.

Following the runway debut is the release of a special limited edition Casablanca t-shirt featuring a Zapotec poem written by acclaimed Mexican poet Natalia Toledo. All proceeds from the T-shirt will go to the Instituto de Artes Gráficas de Oaxaca, am institution that promotes the arts throughout the community and region, founded by Natalia’s late father, renowned Oaxacan artist Francisco Toledo.

Watch the full show, below.

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