Casablanca x New Balance Debut A Fresh Retro Shoe Collaboration, XC-72

“Sports Car For Your Feet.”

Casablanca has once again created elegant and sophisticated sneakers, with undeniable sportiness and retro vibes. The French luxury house will launch its newest shoe, the XC-72, in its third collaborative release with New Balance.

Debuting during Casablanca’s Autumn/Winter 2021 film, “Grand Prix,” the brand set the scene for the radically fresh design direction of the highly anticipated new model. A nod to both the progression of the collaboration and the exotic luxury cars that adorn Monaco’s streets, the XC-72 colorways and sleek design are all about refinement and glamour.

Image courtesy of Casablanca.

The orange and green combined with tonal white and grey accents employs the colorway indirect reference to the already iconic initial sneaker launch. The second colorway, a new, bold combination of red and yellow contrasted against white and black accents, is unique to this model. It further connects the shoe to luxury sports cars, with the black outsole as a subtle reference to racing tires.

The campaign for the shoes, “Sports Car For Your Feet,” inspires a sense of nostalgia and luxury — with an undeniably retro swagger. The detailed elements of the shoe, including a sleek body shape, the unique split sole unit and three separate outsole tread patterns, come together to create an innovative aesthetic inspired by heritage New Balance models.

Image courtesy of Casablanca.

“From when we first started working on the collaboration, we dubbed it the ‘sports car for your feet’ as it evokes that feeling of when you first saw a luxury car as a child, you knew it was a car… but it was different to any car you’d seen before, it’s a feeling, a sense of wonder, designed to perform, designed to be special.,” said Charaf Tajer and Steve Grimes, Casablanca’s Creative Director and Art Director.

The limited-edition collaboration is set to launch on Casablanca and New Balance’s sites and selected retailers globally. will host the exclusive launch on Aug. 27, while its global launch will take place on Aug. 28.

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