Casablanca’s New Line Takes Us on a Trip

The luxury menswear line debuts its first-ever runway collection.

Charaf Tajer wants you to travel. He wants you to visit brightly colored places. He wants you to embrace fluidity, to move freely. He wants you to visit a place that is special to him, the place where his parents met and he spent childhood summers.

And the creative director of the luxury, après-sport menswear brand, Casablanca, wants you to do all of this while wearing pieces from his new debut runway line Midnight in Casablanca.

 The new collection features pieces made of velvety silk and cozy cashmere—textures that lightly fall onto the skin, allowing for languid or vivacious movement. That sort of energy he wants you to emulate while wearing his clothes is encapsulated in the collection video.

It features a pack of men riding motorbikes through the desert hills. From the outset, a sense of genuine camaraderie can be felt. It could be because of the increased adrenaline levels, or the wind blowing on their chiseled bodies. But it is probably the fact that they’re wearing brightly-patterned shirts from the new line.

Tajer has worked with the French brand Pigalle as well as the hotspot Le Pompon in Paris—this line is an interpretation of his understanding of new luxury. He also used his summer vacations in Morocco as inspiration.

“Everyone would descend upon the city with their best clothes, their motorcycles, their jet skis,” Tajer told V in a press release. “Powerful colors, status symbols, silk robes, and suits, it was a mind-blowing experience.”

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