Casablanca’s Spring 2021 Collection Indulges Our Escapist Fantasies

As the brand notes, “After the Rain Comes the Rainbow”.

The word Casablanca conjures connotations of Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, or of the romanticized Moroccan coast, sounding quite melodic in and of itself. Such is the aim of the label Casablanca, launched by French/Moroccan designer Charaf Tajer. 

Casablanca is a self-described “perfect equilibrium of comfort and elegance […] a palette that simultaneously evokes the clay courts of Stade Roland Garros and the sunbaked terracotta of North Africa.” Indeed, their pieces embody the Mediterranean je ne sais quoi, meant to lounge about offshore or for casual champagne. 

Their most recent collection, Printemps Ete 2021, is entitled  “After the Rain Comes the Rainbow”, transporting an audience to an entirely new (but equally tranquil) destination: the surf club. While right now might not be the best time for a getaway, they’ll be doing a digital presentation on Saturday, July 11.

Certainly, the show allows us to indulge our escapist fantasies. In quarantine, this becomes all the more essential. As Tajer told Paper “We were very much into the idea of after-COVID and how even more we always cling to the idealist type of thinking and the love of nature, architecture and culture in general, I think we can bring a message of hope.”

Be sure to tune in for the presentation around 10:30 am EST, both on Instagram and the Paris Fashion Week site.

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