CASETiFY Enters the Barbieverse With New Tech Accessory Drop

Deck out your phone in that iconic Barbie pink.

Barbiecore is not only alive and well; it’s thriving. Luxury designers from across the world are knocking down Mattel’s door, looking for their chance to work with those classic Barbie stylings. The hot pink embellishments have been featured by a litany of big-name brands, from Valentino to Swarovski. Even Maserati made a Barbie-themed car. Still, a new entrant to the design trend has entered the arena: CASETiFY. With a brand new line of tech accessories, the CASETiFY x Barbie drop is the perfect addition to your burgeoning doll collection. 

Image courtesy of CASETiFY x Barbie

Known for their colorful printed phone cases, CASETiFY naturally took interest in the neon Barbie brand. The limited drop, which will be made available on December 15th, features designs in all the major CASETiFY case categories. These include Impact, Ultra-Impact, Mirror, Bounce, Clear, and Pillow cases. The drop features so much more than just phone cases, though. You can buy Barbie-themed accessories for your AirPods, your iPad, and even your Apple Watch. It expands outside of Apple products, too. Pink-lovers sporting Samsungs and Google Pixels will also have their fair share of options. 

Image courtesy of CASETiFY x Barbie

Unlike many of the luxury designer Barbiecore drops, which are solely inspired by the classic toy, the CASETiFY collection also has some compatibility with your Barbie-brand toys. A new Pin’It Case allows fans to attach their own Barbie charms and accessories to the case, turning the back of their phone into their personal Barbie canvas. For the first week of the drop, CASETiFY will also offer an exclusive customization opportunity, allowing purchasers of their Pillow Case to print their name on the case in Barbie typeface. For those Mattel fanatics, the CASETiFY drop allows you to picture yourself within the Barbieverse. 

Image courtesy of CASETiFY x Barbie

2022 has certainly been the year of Barbiecore. That not only contextualizes the CASETiFY drop but adds to its exclusivity. For good or for worse, Barbiecore is temporal. It’s a fad. Thus, it’s likely this opportunity won’t come around again. Come 2023, when the design lens shifts and we find a new thing to infatuate on, you won’t be able to get Barbie-themed phone cases and luxury cars. Thus, the time to act is now.

You can sign up for priority access to the CASETiFY x Barbie collection at

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