Celeb-Favorite Brand Boys Lie Drops New February Collection On V Day

Providing comfort, support and female empowerment to any and all on this special day.

You might recognize the edgy streetwear brand Boys Lie — with A-lister fans including Kylie Jenner, Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa, Gigi and Bella Hadid, this label is definitely the one to frequent your Instagram feed. At its start, the brand’s founders Tori Robinson and Leah O’Malley envisioned Boys Lie to be a makeup brand, but an entirely different story ended up unfolding right in front of their eyes.

However, instead of wallowing in their disappointment and distress due to the money they’ve lost, they saw this as the best educational opportunity they could have asked for. They got right up, dusted themselves off and created a brand new business structure with an unmatchable rhythm and delivery cadence. The two quickly found where one of the cofounders is lacking in an area, the other one has an abundance of and is willing to share with the other. From these shared learning experiences with loss and failure, the two have been able to evolve their brand’s core foundation with pillars based on a strong will, discipline, care and ability to adapt to anything — even the not-so-normal lifestyles we have to maintain during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

To celebrate the month of February, the resilient duo decided to launch a brand new collection for the month. The range will be available for sale starting February 14, on Valentine’s Day — and as with the majority of their collections, this one is all about the heartache one experiences during a breakup and provide comfort, seeking to provide comfort, support and female empowerment to any and all on this special day.

Comprised of stylish sweatsuits with tongue-in-cheek names like Wonderful Day To Dump Him and Case Of Blues, the collection balances the empowering messaging with premium quality products and on-trend styles. In essence, it is a celebration of all the women who have been to hell and back but manage to keep it all together on a daily basis and keep pulling off that chic streetwear look.

If cozy-chic Valentine’s Day look is your flow this year — this range is perfect for you! Shop the collection here and check out some of our favorite styles in the gallery below:

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