Celebrities Are Wylin’ Out For Pride

Social media platforms are buzzing with celebs’ tributes to pride month. From Taylor Swift’s political plea to Hayley Kiyoko’s push for positivity, see how these stars are showing their support.

Pride month is officially underway, and social media is buzzing with rainbow motifs and words of support. Taylor Swift, Mariah Carey, Katy Perry and others have taken to Twitter, Instagram and other platforms to express their love for the LGBT+ community.

Meghan Trainor, Ariana Grande, Sara Bareilles, and Calum Scott (and more!) have all penned love letters to the LGBT+ community for Billboard. “There is nothing more infectious than the joy and love that the LGBTQ community exudes,” writes Grande. Trainor had a particularly emotional letter, discussing the Pulse Nightclub Shooting and the positivity of the community even in the face of tragedy. “In a time in this life that feels so divided and binary, I am proud to embrace movements that work towards inclusion,” Bareilles says in her letter. Scott’s letter was also particularly poignant, as he discussed how the pain of feeling like an outsider influenced his album.

Hayley Kiyoko, also known as lesbian Jesus, showed her love for her LGBT fans during a performance in Ohio, recommending that they “wave those flags every day, not just this month.” She also created a Twitter thread in hopes of spreading positivity, inviting her followers to share one thing about themselves that they’re proud of, responding to several of their stories.

Troye Sivan tweeted that Pride is his “fave time of year.” Mark Hoppus sent love to his LGBT+ fans over Twitter. Dua Lipa also wished everyone a happy Pride via Twitter, reminding followers to “LOVE HARDER THAN EVER.” 

Similarly, Instagram is also ablaze with rainbows; Lily Collins posed in front of rainbow curtains, Mariah Carey sported her new Pride-themed merch line, and Katy Perry prompted everyone to “never stop lifting each other up.”

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Taylor Swift took to Instagram and Twitter to post a letter she wrote to Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander, encouraging him to vote yes on the Equality Act, which would prevent gender and sexual orientation discrimination. “One cannot take the position that one supports a community, while condemning it in the next breath as going against ‘conscience’ or ‘parental rights,’” reads the letter. In the caption, Swift implores her fans to also stand up for equality and show their pride as well, adding a link in her bio to a petition for Senate support of the Equality Act.

Pride month has only just begun, so we can expect to see even more iconic posts from notable figures in the days to come.

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