Celebrities Embrace Their Grey Hair During Self Isolation

Embracing the silver lining

During these almost apocalyptic and devastating times, many turn to comedy to heal the soul and ease their worries. Making light of a tough situation can definitely be comforting, and many of us are looking to the internet for entertainment as we stay indoors to stop the spread of Covid-19 aka Coronavirus. 

You might have seen viral memes like this one circling around your feed:

Staying inside definitely puts a half to a lot of beauty rituals we love and have come to expect as part of our routine (i.e. weekly nail appointments, root touch-ups, etc). Some of the people embracing these changes the most are the ones we would expect the least: celebrities. 

While in self-isolation, celebrities have used their social media to speak openly about their lack of color maintenance and pulling back the curtain on something society has come to look at as a negative side effect of aging, grey hair. 

Tamera Mowry-Housley announced to her 7.6 million Instagram followers that in quarantine she’s going grey, and she’s okay with it!

Kevin Hart posted a video with the caption “P.S. I have always had a shit load of grey hair…I was just a frequent dyer”.

Kelly Ripa posted to her Instagram stories a “root watch” where she’ll be documenting her natural color coming in. 

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