Celebrities, They’re Just Like Us for Balenciaga’s New Campaign

From artists studios to the side of the Théâtre de la Ville in the heart of Paris, Balenciaga is going all out with their star studded campaign.

Sitting in her Calabasa home, taking selfies on a pearly white couch, Kim Kardashian poses as for Balenciaga’s 2022 campaign. Wearing the black Falkon Bodysuit, Pantaleggings, and black booties with a neon green Le Cagole bag, the pop culture phenomenon models in her own home. She acts as though it was a normal day in her life, and not a Balenciaga shoot.

 In a series of images the fashion house shows off their new collection through home and work life portraits. Shot by Stef Mitchell, Kardashian, french model Isabelle Huppert and model Tommy Blue model in their own homes. Model Marie-Agnès Diene and musician Justin Bieber are modeled in more creative spaces: Diene in her artist studio and Bieber in his favorite Los Angeles recording studio. Each image creates a sense of intimacy between not only Balenciaga, their new faces, and the public.

The campaign introduces the collection as though you experiencing it in real life, instead of in an ad. It shows that while still being high fashion, Balenciaga’s pieces are timeless and can be casual. They feature some of the brands most iconic pieces, such as the Triple S, oversized T-shirts, and the Hourglass bag. These are pieces that the brand releases every season, but never fail to stay popular in the fashion world.

With their new campaign, Balenciaga is making it known that no matter who you are, where you live, or what your day-to-day life looks like, they’ll be there to withstand the test of time.


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