Celebs React to Biden-Harris Ticket

Celebs React to Biden-Harris Ticket

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Celebs React to Biden-Harris Ticket

This is how celebrities feel about a Biden-Harris candidacy.

This is how celebrities feel about a Biden-Harris candidacy.

Text: Jared Peraglia

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden chose California Senator Kamala Harris to be his running mate on Tuesday. And as Harris’ name quickly began to trend across social media platforms, celebrities took to Twitter  to support (and criticize) the now vice presidential candidate.

Kerry Washington 

Washington had nothing but good things to say about Biden’s pick and noted that Kamala now makes history as the first Black and Indian woman to be on a major party’s VP ticket. Attached to her Tweet, Washington linked fans to WhenWeAllVote.org which is a site where people can register to vote.

Mindy Kaling 

Speaking about making history, Kaling has been making waves for American-Indian comedians, actresses and writers for years. Kaling tweeted support for Harris by posting countless clapping hands and a queen emoji.

Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show 

Noah’s The Daily Show shared some humor referencing current Vice President Mike Pence.

The Daily Show later ran a segment on Comedy Central congratulating Harris but also criticizing her history as a district attorney. 

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

Teigen and Legend both have used their social media platforms to lift up (and criticize) many politicians in the past. But on Tuesday, Teigen and Legend both expressed firm support for their “friend.” 

Taylor Swift

Beginning her career as a country singer, Swift was not always vocal about her political views. But after the 2016 election, that changed drastically. Her support for Harris' candidacy is the latest political tilt from this celeb. 

Reese Witherspoon 

Short and sweet, Witherspoon summed up what every other celeb on this list mentioned.

Credits: Photo courtesy of JoeBiden.com.


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