Celine Dion is a Social Media Superstar

Celine Dion is a Social Media Superstar

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Celine Dion is a Social Media Superstar

Just a simple ode to the Instagram legend that is Celine Dion.

Just a simple ode to the Instagram legend that is Celine Dion.

Styling: Thomas Chou

Oh, Celine—she might be a five time Grammy winner and one of the bestselling artists of all time, but she’s got a new talent burgeoning on the horizon in the social media era we live in now. From her superstar couture moments, to her insane photos from her live performances, Celine Dion is quickly becoming an Instagram phenomenon. Check out some of our favorite moments from her Instagram that she’s shared with the world—long live our Canadian queen.

Dancing the Night Away


This photo from this week is Celine, dancing on the roof of a black SUV in front of what appears to be a private jet, cloaked in the mystery of night. As the caption reads, “Love to dance....anytime, ANYWHERE! ???????? - Céline xx…” Could she be any more fabulous if she tried? Probably yes, and we’re living for it.

Lounging Celine

This is what it looks like when Celine is resting. Cool, casual, simply legendary. Wearing Off White, Jimmy Choo, and Calvin Klein, she’s serving couture casual. Most likely her pajamas, but we love a relatable moment.

Celine Cradles Chloé

Most recently memed as a mixtape cover, Celine is serving major looks in this neon yellow set. Donning tiny sunglasses as she looks over the megacity of Bangkok, she effortlessly dangles her Chloé bag in one hand. She looks pensive — what its she pondering? The world will never know, as that is the mystique of Ms. Dion.

Stunting in Tokyo 

Celine assumes a wide-stance, power pose as she gives herself last looks in a mirror before heading out into the streets of Tokyo. She’s wearing round, Dior sunglasses that are just grazed by her blonde, blunt bangs. That’s right, she has bangs in this photo. Absolutely legendary.

A Canadian Celebration

Celine Dion being cradled by Ryan Reynolds — it’s a Canadian coming together of some of her greatest stars. A tender moment captured while performing on stage, she describes Reynolds in her caption as a “passionate, emotional and impossibly fluid,” dancer. The more you know.



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