Celine Opens New Boutique in the Heart of Paris

The storefront is an homage to the art-deco perfumists of yesterday.

French fashion house and international hub of luxury, Celine, has just opened its newest boutique in Paris. Located at 390 Rue Saint-Honoré, the storefront evokes grand, art-deco influences with black marble columns and accents of shimmering, elegant gold. The opening coincides with the launch of the Haute Parfumerie collection, showcasing Celine’s diverse range of colognes and eau de parfums. The boutique also displays the wide range of Celine accessories, especially handbags, that have come to define the brand.

Celine Black Triomphe Travel Case
Celine Travel Case in Black Triomphe Canvas and Tan Natural Calfskin.

“Like the Celine perfumes, [the handbags] are nomadic,” Celine shared in a statement. “Carried around everywhere as items for our daily existence, they are the true companions of our private life.”

Accessories include leather cases for perfume bottles, cigarette cases, lighters, wallets, and reptilian engraved matchboxes. Each item presents an image of high-class grooming and refinement, toeing the line between practicality and luxury.

Celine La Peau Nue Eau de Parfum

The featured perfumes retail between $220 and $320 U.S. dollars for bottles ranging from 100 to 200mL. On top of selling their own retail, Celine’s Haute Parfumerie also serves as an art gallery with works from the likes of Rochelle Goldberg and Camilla Reyman. The pieces, mostly minimalist paintings or materialist sculpture, add to the grandiose yet distinctly French modern aesthetic of the boutique. The store is meant to imitate a collector’s trove, more exclusive and private than a public museum-like atmosphere.

The next time you’re in Paris, pay a visit to the Celine Haute Parfumerie for all of your upscale essentials. If you’re not in the City of Love anytime soon, you can also pick up the new scents at 650 Madison in New York.

Celine Boutique Parfum
Celine Boutique Parfum storefront.
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