Celine Opens Sleek Re-Design Of NYC Boutique

Celine’s latest brand development will feature a re-design of boutiques here in NYC and worldwide.

What began as a French children’s footwear company in 1945, founded by Céline Vipiana, has proved that evolution, specifically in fashion brands, is inevitable. Since Hedi Slimane left YSL and became Céline’s creative director, he has, much to a few people’s surprise and discomfort when witnessing change, swiftly made his mark. Aside from removing the trademark accented letter, Slimane announced a new men’s and couture line, perfume and handbag. There was note also of change in the classic Celine style, with more colors, more “Slimane” fitted suits and more variation in shape. And now they are set to launch a new architectural design concept for the boutiques. The first to open will be New York City’s 650 Madison Avenue location, subsequently followed by stores in L.A, London, Paris, Tokyo, Milan, Bejing, and Shanghai.

Although onlookers may have expressed their worries about the way in which Celine was shifting, a year on it seems Slimane and others have settled quite comfortably. Slimane did more than brush off doubts; he exceeded with his contemporary vision of the brand. Most flagship or larger boutiques, such as NYC, will now offer both a men’s and women’s section, and with all major capitals opening menswear boutiques it seems apparent that Slimane saw something that the company lacked. And most of all, needed.

As for 650 Madison Avenue, the re-design took nine months including studies beforehand. The one-floor layout stretches to 5,000 square foot and features natural materials specifically chosen by Slimane. Roman lava stone, Basaltina, was used for the boutiques flooring, black granite with ginger and cream veins was used for the walls and shelving. As well as two different types of marble and grey travertine dotted throughout the store. Like the right accessory, furniture and artwork aligning with the artistic design will play a requisite part of completing the look. See the latest photos below or visit in person.

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