Celine Previews Eleven New Fragrances By Hedi Slimane

Get a first look at Celine’s gender-neutral fragrance collection.

Composed of eleven fragrances, Slimane uses each fragrance to chronicle an iconic time period. Utilizing scents like iris, rose, and tree moss, each fragrance evokes a sense of nostalgia transporting the wearer back to scenes such as the Parisian 1970’s club circuit. The collection has eight fragrances dedicated to daytime wear (SAINT-GERMAIN-DES-PRÉS, DANS PARIS, COLOGNE FRANÇAISE, LA PEAU NUE, BOIS DORMANT, RIMBAUD, and EAU DE CALIFORNIE) and three dedicated to evening (BLACK TIE, REPTILE, and NIGHTCLUBBING) but just as the scents know no gender, it is also timeless and can be worn at any point throughout the day.   

Continuing with the theme of reimagining the past with a modern take, Hedi Slimane marries the classic French glassmaking aesthetic with his new aged nuance to deliver a cutting edge luxurious perfume bottle. Broadening horizons with their introduction into the realm of fragrance, this collection proves to be one small step for Hedi and one giant leap for Celine.

 Get a first look at Celine’s newest fragrance collection below.  

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