Celine SS19: The Era of Slimane

Celine SS19: The Era of Slimane

The designer shakes things up by implementing menswear and boldly re-imagining the Parisian staple.

The designer shakes things up by implementing menswear and boldly re-imagining the Parisian staple.

Photography: Schohaja

Text: AJ Longabaugh

Last Friday, all eyes focused onto a single stage as designer Hedi Slimane presented his highly anticipated debut Celine collection. With an astonishing front row including the likes of Lady Gaga, Karl Lagerfeld, Lee Daniels, and more, Slimane embraced this inaugural moment to spotlight his vision for the brand and how he plans to successfully incorporate menswear into Celine's genetic makeup.

Inheriting the Parisian powerhouse from designer Phoebe Philo, Slimane's immediate action in changing the brand's image came as a shock to some as he began shifting the mindset and focus of Celine in a direction that would allow him to both thrive and genuinely re-shape the reach of Celine and its following in the industry. At no surprise, a buzz was instantly created at every move the designer made such as removing the accent from the brand's title and wiping all e-commerce off the website leading up to the show, encouraging the masses to connect over social media with the brand with whatever inquiry that may have arisen. A stunning advertising campaign began to find itself all over the streets of every major city making it known to the world that the era of Slimane was indeed alive and well and that menswear was indeed on the horizon.

Flash forward to Paris fashion week where slim suits, sleek blazers, and '80s glam abounded with celebratory fervor on a runway that some fashion purists had speculated would be a flop and/or an over-hyped moment of uninspired design. Reigning supreme over all the negativity and hovering clouds of anticipated failure, Slimane has successfully taken over the house of Celine with a collection that proudly and loudly displays both his spirit and vision for the current times both in style and in presentation. The implementation of menswear feels jolting in a natural, exciting way; one that feels like it's overdue and is finally getting the platform reach it deserves.

Giving the youth the voice with this collection, Slimane's Celine debut loudly focuses in on the consumer and the occasions they find themselves with beaming power, drive, and an unmatched party-esque spirit; a re-vamp some may take longer to acknowledge and deliver the nod and applause it deserves. Congratulations, Hedi Slimane! V stan you.

Check out V's exclusive glimpse of the celebratory evening through the lens of Schohaja below!



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