Celine’s Thinking Spring

The House’s new collection of bags are the season’s breeziest and brightest.

Picture yourself walking through the stone streets of Paris—what bag are you carrying? If you’re looking to turn heads, maybe it’d be the Sulky bag. If you’re strolling along the Seine, perhaps it’s the vintage-inspired Ava. Want to tour the Louvre? Grab the Triomphe. Celine’s new collection—which includes four small bags and one new canvas—embodies a light and airy feel, from the shapes to the spirit.

The intention is that of classic Celine, but this time, effortlessly elevated. Summery canvas and butter yellow adorn structured bags that also feature bold hardware, bringing together the Celine of the ‘80s and silhouettes of a new millennium. It’s an inherent honoring of the past, but a deliberate sail into the bright, crisp future.

Domonique wears all clothing and accessories Celine by Hedi Slimane throughout
Dominique the Sulky bag
Dominique wears the AVA bag.
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