Central Saint Martins 2022 Menswear Collection

The prominent London school presents the Class of 2022’s Fall/Winter collection.

The Central Saint Martins runway show has been the stage for upcoming designers to showcase their skills. From legends like Alexander McQueen and John Galliano, to newcomers who have made a prominent splash Central Saint Martins continues to churn out fashion’s next best thing. 

For its Fall/Winter 2022 show,  the menswear collection that came out the runway did not disappoint. All of the looks that came down the runway were unique, and did not play into popular fashion trends. Each designer had their own look, and showed the audience, and the rest of the fashion world, what they have to offer. 

Look from Brais Albor

Various styles of suits came down the runway. Although they’re a staple of any menswear collection, the Central Saint Martin suits did not adhere to the traditional style. From tracksuits to adding skirts over suit trousers, to almost full birthday suits, the runway had a lot of choices. Brais Albor took a more traditional approach by adhering to a neutral color palette and used traditional textiles. However, his choice to add button closures along the legs, his extended collar length, and disregard of the suit jacket, gave a modern and stylish take to a classic look.

Aaron Esh brought femininity to the masculine way of dress by adding attached skirts to the dress pant. Pairing with a low buttoned blazer, the look was the perfect mix of both gendered ways of dress. Brining sportswear into the fix, Charlie Constantinou combines knitwear with tracksuit elements to create high class sportswear. Tracksuit bottoms with elaborate zippers paired with a tightly knit turtleneck provides the perfect blend of streetwear and sophistication.

Look from Alec Rhys Bizby

Textured fabric and neutrals were two of the main staples throughout various collections. Alec Rhys Bizby displayed both, through his crinkled paper-like shirt and white and gray color palette. Although a simple looking look, the texture of the shirt elevates a mundane outfit into something that attracts the eye. Paired with the grey knotting trousers, this look is interesting, but not overwhelming. Other designers incorporated feathers, sequins, and harsher textiles into their designs to add an extra bit of texture and flare. Throughout the majority of the collections, grey, white, black, and brown were the primary colors. Since most designers were doing very avant garde looks, the neutral color palette allowed for the looks to not be too over the top.

Look from Ed Mendoza

On the flip side of neutrals, bright colors, patterns, and out there accessories played a huge role on the runway. Ed Mendoza’s collection embodied these themes. From neon stitched drawings on sweater vests, to feather pants, to crocheted monster bags, this collection was anything but boring. Pedro Trinidade combined different color fabrics with different textiles to create outfits that had more than one personality. Finally, Compton Quashie used tie-dye techniques and paint like detailing to add pops of color to their ritualistic inspired outfits.

Look from Jiyong Kim

A final trend that was noticed across collections was the manipulation of fabric. Jiyong Kim dropped fabric in a bellowing way, creating different layers to his garments. Joe Pearson’s menswear collection made scandalous outfits classy. By draping and twisting long sheets of fabric to cover just enough of the male models’ anatomy, these garments combined sensuality with elegance to create gorgeous garments. 

The Class of 2022 for Central Saint Martins outdid themselves for the Fall/Winter 2022 runway. They set the stage for what true creativity means, and did not simply follow the trends of high fashion. They’re showing the industry what they have to offer, and are stepping out into the world of fashion, hoping to be the next big thing.


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