Challenge Your Impulse Control On February’s Full Moon in Leo

On this weekend of chaos, it’s time to harness the dramatics and utilize the law of detachment.

Symbol: The Lion

Ruling Planet and House: The Sun, 5th House of Romance and Self Expression

Element: Fire

Mode: Fixed

Moon Stones For Leo Full Moon: Peridot, Tiger Eye, and Sunstone.

“Detachment is not that you should own nothing. But that nothing should own you” shared by Ali ibn abi Talib.

For this Sunday’s upcoming full moon in Leo – during Aquarius season- we are being asked to double down on our intensity and harness it as a method for release. What does that entail exactly? On February 5th at 1:29 p.m. ET – when the moon reaches peak fullness – this Leo Moon evokes strong reactions within us concerning our hearts. Pinpointing where our hearts have ached once before, this full moon will enliven an energy of instinctive self-validation, catapulting us into an era of heightened emotions but with the ability to validate ourselves in every aspect.

With the full moon making a solid square with the unruly planet of Uranus, expect the unexpected. (Typically, in astrology, a square indicates that conflict and tension are present between two planets.) So, in this case, this aspect provides a notion of drama with an impulse of rebellion. The full moon asks you to observe your heightened state and reflect while Uranus is yelling, “F**k it, you don’t need this; time to run away.” Taking it one step further. Making an additional square with this full moon are the planets of Venus and Mars (forming what’s known in astrology as a lover’s quarrel). This means passions are ignited, much like our impulses. Most of this weekend’s astrology will affect intimate relationships more acutely than other areas, being as the lover’s square is existent paired with and Leo’s occupancy over the 5th house of love and relationships. So what is the solution? Let’s talk about it.

For this astrological event, the best approach is to harness your impulses. When we say harness, we are not saying to hold back but rather analyze what deserves a reaction and what is strictly for the dramatics. With the energy of Uranus making quite a stir with the moon, it is best to try to recognize when that “F**k it” mentally arises and channel it into a method of calm detachment in your relationship. Not to mention, this full moon is taking place during Aquarius Season, take some notes from an Aquarius. Practice being cool, collected, and detached. Meaning taking a small step back when impulses arise rather than running away. It’s time to use chaos to your advantage.

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