Chanel Announces Electro Capsule Collection

In Chanel’s newest capsule collection, the fashion house honors the electro music and culture of the 90s.

Chanel presents its watch collection “CHANEL ELECTRO”, with graphic codes borrowed from 90s Electro culture.

The interactive capsule features 90s electro samples to accompany the pieces, along with other references to elctro culture such as a neon color palette and turntables for mixing.

Featuring the premiere electro watch box. Image courtesy of Chanel.

Electro music was born from the nightlife of the 90s and embodied the culture of the era — the era of Waltpaper and the Club Kids, Limelight and Disco 2000. It was a party that constantly evolved and never stopped. The culture was a visceral performance unlike any other.

“CHANEL ELECTRO” contrasts black, white and color in this collection, each intensifying the other.

To celebrate the release of the ELECTRO Capsule Collection, Chanel collaborated with Ed Banger Records and created exclusive electronic playlists available on Spotify and Apple Music.

“I conceived this capsule collection like a performance program, inviting our classics, the J12, PREMIÈRE, CODE COCO and BOY·FRIEND, to perform side by side on this stage, drawing their inspiration from the codes of this world,” Director of the Watchmaking Creation Studio, Arnaud Chastaingt said.

The collection features five different watch designs, all sporting an iridescent, yet dark, color palette.

The J-12 Electro watch. Images courtesy of Chanel.

The premiere electro watch. Images courtesy of Chanel.

The code coco electro watch. Images courtesy of Chanel.

The boyfriend electro watch. Images courtesy of Chanel.

With the world re-opening and nightlife resuming in cities around the world, there is no better time to release a collection that honors the era of pure, unadulterated chaos and energy. These watches are the perfect accessory for the new era of post-pandemic nightlife.

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