An eternal house code and practically synonymous with Chanel’s brand, Camelias are seen in every piece of the Fall-Winter 2023 collection whether it be clothing, shoes, or accessories.

Loli Bahia, Photographed by Inez & Vinoodh | Courtesy of CHANEL

Loli Bahia effortlessly stuns in pieces channeling nineties, vintage chic. The movement is free and harmonious, much like the pieces that pair bright red sleeves and tights with a floral maxi dress or a long velvet, dusty pink collared dress with a camelia-embroidered satin jacket. In true Chanel fashion, the smallest detailing makes the piece in the trim of white lace on the sleeves, black lacy gloves, tiny camellias embroidered onto Bermuda shorts, or delicate belts layered over a dark floral patterned skirt.

Photography duo Inez & Vinoodh exquisitely capture the delicacy of the feminine essence in black and white and color shots. Playing with the contrast of a structured silhouette against masculine pieces with square shoulders and chunky boots. Big hair and bold red lips are set in the background of looks that stun in bright reds and navy.

“Loli-Bahia is the very embodiment of the CHANEL woman,” says
the duo. “Eccentric, daring, androgynous… A mix of delicacy and quiet strength.” It’s romantic and it’s strong, blurring the lines of romantic girlish pieces with strapping menswear codes that contrast each other to embody power in all its forms.

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