Ever since Timothée Chalamet was announced as the newest ambassador for the beloved “BLEU de CHANEL”  fragrance, most of the world has been impatiently waiting for the arrival of the much-talked-about campaign film.

Yes, you read that right—people have been dying to see a literal advertisement. Why? Because it was directed by none other than *legendary* filmmaker, Martin Scorsese, that’s why.

So what exactly do we have going here? We’ve got one of this generation’s buzziest leading men to date (Hi, Timmy!) and the no-explanation-needed director coming together in a *very* short, but oh-so-thrilling film for a classic fragrance. After directing the first BLEU DE CHANEL campaign back in 2010, Scorsese directorial return to the French fashion house marks a momentous turn for the label, further solidifying its drive to connect to a new generation (and re-introduce a classic fragrance while they’re at it.)

Although the scent was born in 2010, who is the BLEU DE CHANEL man today? 13 years ago, when the late Gaspard Ulliel was appointed as the face of the scent, Scorsese took his turn at directing the French actor in the hustle and bustle of New York City, with the message of the BLEU DE CHANEL man to “Be Unexpected.”

Now, fast forward to 2024, with Gen Z heartthrob Timothée at the forefront, Scorsese once again taps into his genius to portray a revived version of the BLEU campaign, with the modernity of a new subject in a new time where the world of pop culture and beauty truly allows men to forge their own path.

In the American director’s latest film for the beauty titan, we see Chalamet immediately immersed in the frenzy of Manhattan as the character of an actor that gets paraded around from a downtown loft apartment, to chauffeured car, to a late-night television set (including a run-in with a seemingly pissed off former flame…oof.) with glimpses of what appears to be the character’s latest film (with a cameo by rising actress and fellow friend of the house, Havana Rose Liu.)

Exploring the delicate nature of stardom and manhood, we see the mainly black-and-white film (with pops of blue…or BLEU, if you’d rather) evoke the starry essence of the fragrance, capturing the idea of a man on an evolving journey of finding himself and choosing his own destiny.

Courtesy of CHANEL

The world has changed. There’s another aspect to celebrity in a way. Which is even more extreme than 10 or 15 years ago.”

Martin Scorsese

Going off the path most traveled (the MTA subway line in this case), Chalamet’s character’s life goes in full color at the end of the film. I guess that’s what happens when you spritz on some BLEU DE CHANEL. Consider me sold!

BLEU DE CHANEL has just the right amount of conviction and intensity to represent a man who refuses to be typecast. A man who dismisses facades and who is not afraid to let vulnerability show through his tough, disarming exterior.”

Olivier Polge, CHANEL In-House Perfumer-Creator

Discover the full BLEU DE CHANEL film by Martin Scorsese, below!

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