Chanel’s Snowy Gardenia

Close-ups of Karl Lagerfeld’s last collection with Chanel in Paris FW

Like most of fashion week, especially the collections that were designed by himself, it has been tainted with the recent passing of Karl Lagerfeld. In Milan, Fendi placed cards with Lagerfeld’s signature on each of the chairs as well as screening part of a documentary in which he details the outfit he wore to his first day at the fashion house in the 60s. Many designers and notable people in the industry have also voiced their acknowledgment of his profounding impact on fashion.

It was with a high level of eagerness, then, that many felt toward his last show with Chanel. Held at Chanel Gardenia, the venue was an oasis of an alpine ski village with convincing faux snow that didn’t turn to sludge, lodges and a backdrop of snow-covered peaks. There was a moment of silence for Lagerfeld before chirpy bells began and the models walked the runway in snow-boots. In a Chanel-esque tone of darks, whites, and neutrals, layered tweeds were the heavy majority, appearing equally as cozy as refined (or, Lagerfeld). Although the A/W weather appropriate fur-lined boots, bags, jackets, and skier printed bodysuit were participants in the general theme, there were thinly laced dresses (with many, many layers) and a moment for the ice-fairies- whose magic must have kept them warm enough to wear those fluffy miniskirts.

Take a look at the full collection below.

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