Channel Tres is Making House Music His, One Drop at a Time

The 31-year-old artist enters the new year with the same silky smooth sound that made him stand out

While the reverberating bumps and grooves of his sound are undoubtedly reminiscent of the packed dancefloors of the house scene, to call Channel Tres a house musician is to speak reductively. The Compton native refuses to be put into one simple box. Rather, he has cultivated a music style that is uniquely his, merging the edge of West Coast hip-hop with the technicolor flow of dance music. The result? Channel Tres’ very own “Compton house.”




As a listener’s official initiation into his experimental world,  the producer-slash-performer-slash-bonafide star has released the EP Real Cultural Shit. Here, Channel Tres debuts three new tracks alongside the plenty streamed “6am” and “Just Can’t Get Enough,” resulting in a 20-minute long, irresistible dance party. If one thing is true about the multi-hyphenate, it’s his ability to stroke you into a hypnotic-like trance, allowing you to just feel, to express, to dance

In its singularity and sophistication, Real Cultural Shit holds Channel Tres’ ticket to the top, serving as a fashionable appetizer of hits to come. 

But what makes his music so tantalizing isn’t just his catchy tunes or inimitable aesthetics, it’s simply his authenticity.  To his core – and consequently his music’s core – Channel Tres is himself. 

“I don’t have to please anybody, all I have to do is be myself, and everything will work out,” explained the performer, “As an artist, the things that make me unique are the things that I was either insecure about or ashamed of… that’s real cultural shit.” 

And this appreciation for the differences that have shaped him into the person he is today has not gone unnoticed. From going on the global festival circuit to landing in Spotify’s Top 10 US Albums Debuts with his last EP i can’t go outside, it’s clear that Channel Tres and his starpower are magnetic. Starting March 10, he will embark on a months-long series of headlining shows in the UK and across Europe, wrapping up in June. 

Whether it’s his packed schedule or his glossily successful new EP is any indication, Channel Tres is, beyond doubt, on a supersonic path to stardom, all while remaining refreshingly real. And that, my friends, is real cultural shit. 

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