Channel Tres Returns With New Single, “Skate Depot”

In homage to the coronavirus quarantine, the visual evokes a longing for simpler times.

In a pandemic characterized by extreme uncertainty, levels of anxiety under lockdown have reached an all-time high. With his new single, Channel Tres provides a much-needed escape. After spending the last six months stuck inside, Channel directed his pent-up frustrations into a self-reflective mixtape. Infusing his optimism with an upbeat house groove, Channel Tres releases single “Skate Depot” and accompanying music video, from his upcoming mixtape I Can’t Go Outside

The track takes its name from the Cerritos, California skating rink where the artist had his first job. Directed by Mancy Gant, the video shows Channel skating through the sunny LA neighborhoods, complete with palm trees and front lawns. I Can’t Go Outside is an emotional exploration as well as a departure for the artist. The single sinks deeper into his emotions and delves into what it’s like to a Black man in today’s world. 

While he’s back to releasing his own music, the Compton producer has also had appearances on other artist’s albums. Since releasing his Black Moses EP last summer, the artist collaborated with Disclosure on “Lavender.” Fans of Joji are familiar with his work as last month he remixed “Gimme Love.” 

Check out the nostalgic roller skating video below!

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