Character Study: Conflict of Consent

Thoughts that trigger an escape backstage at Christian Dior Autumn/Winter 2020. Hair by Guido Palau, Makeup by Peter Philips.

Cut, copy and paste. She’s been marching to a cadence of consent that compromises her values. An anxious edge of hypocrisy hides behind a hashtag while living a first world convenience. When there’s an opportunity to arise to the occasion and make a thoughtful impact through her work, she speaks up. But do they hear her? She shows them, but do they see her? It’s getting harder to carry on. As she realizes, “It’s not here. It’s not working the way it is.” 

A sharp questioning from within asks, “Why not? What are we here for?” A creative mind is hard to develop standing still. “I can create anywhere in the world. And who knows? The world is so small, yet so big.” She scans her room, she packs her belongings, leaving behind heavy costumes that usually adorn her to entertain and perform.

She wants to soak her eyes into nature, hoping someone will let her into their secrets and discover her own. She chooses Dior On Stage Liner for sharp edges and flicks of color while Diorshow Khol Liner blurs the lines and creates depth with a quick enough playtime for the evenings if it happens to call for it. 

Open and vulnerable, she’s ready to reveal herself. If left to its own device, her mind and hair would roam wild. Redken Frizz Dismiss would tame it just enough for a refined polish. But who knows where she’ll end up? Ocean, forest or desert? Her heart will know once she’s there. Perhaps a scarf will protect her from the elements. The thrill of booking a one-way ticket. 

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