Character Study: Renaissance Princess Out For Blood at Anna Sui Fall 2020

Sleeping beauty awakes in a loose renaissance pompadour by Garren as her eyes glare with full-blooded lips by Pat McGrath.

“Babe, I put you on the list. Dinner, pregame at mine and we’ll roll up to the rave.” The text woke her from a disco nap at 8 pm. “See you soon bb.” Pita chips, hummus and carrot sticks will suffice for dinner tonight. She’s risen with a different kind of appetite for the evening, gently turning up her Sonos to Loyalty Freak Music, as she lingers in bed, sparking up a Lowell Smoke. An immaculate pompadour from the morning was secured so tight it’s been pulling at her scalp, leaving her a headache. She takes off her pins one by one and places them on a jade dish as she fluffs up her hair, glancing in the mirror, pleased. Her skin is still dewy from a sublime dream. Gentle dabs of concealer diffuse her undereye baby bags. She contours her face with another concealer 2 shades deeper. This softer contour approach sets her apart from the Instagram girls with cut up cheeks and tight eye creases. A light dusting of Sublime Perfection Powder gives her the “subtle” “Paris” filter in real life. 

She gives herself a quick scalp massage. The Two Way Mirror Smoothing Oil from the morning left her hair silky but she wants to rough it up and play with Trophy Shine and Texture Spray. Not in the mood for the fuss of hot tools, she takes her hair from her crown and pulls it to the front of her head in two sections and starts backcombing with her Mason Pearson brush. Smoothing the inner side, she pins down one of the sections to start the roll and uses her hand to roll it up, bring it down, pin it once more and lock it down. Should she just keep it one side or do both? Do both for now and one out if it doesn’t feel right for the last look. “I don’t want to be down to earth tonight” as she stares into her Mothership Palette with glitter hues of emerald and green. Her night vision will be defined in XTreme Black PermaGel Ultra Glide Eye Pencil along the inner socket and outer corner of her eyes with a quick smudge and a blur. A small blending brush gives her eyes depth from the outer corner and socket with Blitz Emerald. A quick dab of Wicked Envy on the lid highlights. A quick staccato hit on her inner corners in VR Emerald and Gold Allure emphasizes. False lashes? Maybe later.

For now, she’s going Full Blooded MattTrance on her lips. There’s a Deep Void somewhere in the center of it all but who cares? You’re playing the Daughter of Darkness, dancing into the midnight sun.

Courtesy of V’s own, Stella Pak.


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