Character Study: The 8AM video conference call with Proenza Schouler

Video conferencing with the Euros, but why does it have to be this early? Barely there makeup by Diane Kendal, healthy nails by Jin Soon and dripping wet hair by Guido Palau, will let them know.

Will they still charge me if I cancel my workout this morning for this video conference call? I’m so annoyed with Dorothy for scheduling this so early! Has anyone considered what time it is in New York? Since I can’t do cardio, no food until noon. Black coffee and room temperature water. Intermittent fasting it is. How will I survive? Thoughts and prayers to my assistant. 

Think I want to fuck with those Euros and let them know this meeting was called too early. I should look like I just got out of the shower. Let’s bring out Guts 10 Volume Spray Foam. Ha. Haven’t used mousse since the ’90s. I just need to work with this texture from my crown to get this look going. Should I mousse it back so only my head looks wet? No. Let’s get dramatic. I want my hair to look like it’s dripping. But make it chic. Hardwear 16 will come in handy to hold the style in. Where did my wide tooth comb go…? I want a graphic, editorial shape and need to square up my silhouette. Not trying to look like a mermaid coming out of the ocean with a backlit sunrise. Layering the mousse all the way to the ends will make it drip. It’ll need some time to set, with some clips and a large gauze sheet… should I use cheesecloth? Is that gross? It doesn’t smell like cheese. No one has to know. I just don’t have anything else in my apt! Whatever. This will take some time to set. I should watch those reference videos the art team sent me for feedback. But God. I need coffee. 

Might as well do my nails and read through the regional asset requests on my iPad while my nails dry. I hope they’ve included a budget line up at the end. So annoying when they forget. “How much will this cost hennnny. Let’s avoid that extra follow up. Come prepared boo.”

Ooh! My nails need some help. Thought I was good with collagen pills. Maybe I need a bone, nail and hair vitamin too. It feels a bit weak and chippy. Shouldn’t have gotten that gel manicure for Aspen weekend. I’ll just use Jin Soon HyperRepair Base Coat and throw some HyperGloss over it. Maybe a little stripe on the edge of my pinky? A little something for my… “Let me think about that and get back to you” look with face in hand. I should pop in for a proper pedi at Jin Soon’s Tribeca salon in the next week or so.

I need some palm taps of serum on my face. I’m not a cold-hearted bitch, but I can use some of this Deep Antarctic Drop I bought online. Apparently an arctic microbe lifts and maintains a moisturized effect… hmm let’s give it a shot. Don’t have the mental bandwidth to beat my face before work. Don’t even feel like mascara but just a quick swipe of Lash Sensational Washable Mascara to wake up my eyes.. I’ll go easy on the foundation. A hint of Fit Me Dewy + Smooth Foundation to even out the skin tone for the video cam. Refreshed and balmy. Oh, look. My niece left her Baby Lips Moisturizing Balm on my couch. I won’t tell her I used it on my cheek and brow bones and lips when I pick her up from ballet practice tomorrow. Or I’ll just get her a new one. Maybe a trip to Big Gay Icecream for a Salty Pimp will help her forget. Love that little brat. 

Can’t forget to clean up my desktop and clear out my cookies before I leave. It’s so embarrassing to unexpectedly share your screen in front of the board. Haha. Shelly got caught shopping online while pretending to review sales documents with such concern. What she was really contemplating was if a Proenza Schouler stretch leather dress can be constituted as a classic wardrobe investment piece. I think so.



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