Charles Jeffrey Launches LOVERBOY FW21 Collection “Gloom”

Charles Jeffrey does what he does best in his newest collection “Gloom,” creating abstract and punk shapes and looks

Charles Jeffrey has launched LOVERBOY FW21 collection titled “Gloom.” The punk-inspired designer has taken his daring designs to a new level this season by making it more surprising and impressive. Abstract shapes, designs, and patterns paired with makeup that’s simple art, the collection almost comes out of every 70’s punk’s dream.

In a video accompanying the release of the collection, it starts off with Jeffrey’s head upside down on an armless mannequin, clocks, and a static tube TV counting down. The entire video consists of many cut scenes of the models on TV or on an unfinished set as strange abstract sounds play. The first look includes color, bold patterned suit and pants with strings attaching the shoulders and the pants together while the model has Joey Ramone-like hair and spikes on his shoes.

The second set of looks includes an oversized sweater and shorts in white and blue stripes with Edward Scissorhands hair and a tulle collar. The other look consists of a blue, black, white, and red stripped sweater and sash with massive pins attached to it and a hat with cartoon-like horns on the sides. Both models wore oversized spikey black shoes as well. Jeffrey then mock screams to go along with the abstract music. At the end of the video, Jeffrey himself wears a short black pleated skirt, LOVERBOY socks, black coat with a face on it, and massive black boots that nearly look like shin guards but look like the coolest industrial boots ever. To top it off, he also has his hair slicked upwards along with strange makeup.

Highlights of the collection include a fuzzy purple dress with fluffy pompoms on the breasts of the piece, LOVERBOY socks, bright yellow boots, fuzzy hat, and a massive red and white toy-like backpack. Another highlight includes a messily hand painted pants, splatter painted jacket, a scarf with crescent moons and a red lobster with fabric or strings coming out of it, and spiked black shoes along with a distressed stringy hat on top.

The collection is bold and daring yet extremely impressive. The looks are high fashion while not high fashion and punk while not being punk all at the same time because they’re all art.

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