Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY Fall 2020

Sustainability meets experimentation.

Charles Jeffrey’s LOVERBOY show was as gender-bending as ever. This year, the designer added a dystopian ecological disaster subtext to his collection. The collection featured both male and female models and focused heavily on making garments and their production process as sustainable as possible: using GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified cotton, cutting down on chemical processes, using recyclable plastic in packaging. As Jeffrey said in an interview, it was all about localism: “It’s about making sure that with the people you hire, that you’re giving them the opportunity and training them. In a logistical way, too, it’s making sure that nothing transports too far, that fabrics are sourced nearby; that our teams go out to the factories we use to make sure the standards are okay.”

Models strolled down the runway in a diverse range of garments—from costumes hung with horse brasses and huge equine quiffs to LOVERBOY tartans and pannier dresses. Check out our exclusive runway images in the slideshow below:

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