Charli XCX Releases New Single with Lizzo

Charli XCX Releases New Single with Lizzo

Charli XCX Releases New Single with Lizzo

Text: Reshmi Kaur Oberoi

Charli XCX just dropped her first new-ish single and it's the perfect little gift to get over hump day. Titled “Blame it on Your Love", she dropped an eerily similar early rendition of the song cryptically titled “Track 10” previously. The main modification is the collaboration with Lizzo, who released her third solo album, “Cuz I Love You,” in April. What’s not to love?

And speaking of eery: this is the latest addition to the trending social media anticipatory hype before the climatic soundtrack drop. She made two initial announcements via social media on May 13 about her premature death. She figuratively tweeted, “Imagine if I made a collab with Lizzo AKA the Queen of Everything- would you die”? In another post, she gave off a 90s-Clueless vibe with her Bazooka-gum pink spaghetti strap minidress, featuring Lizzo in an animal print ensemble. To drive the point home, the latter held a sign saying “bout 2 save pop music.” But as V reported earlier this month in V119 with Lizzo taking center stage on the cover, she can already be credited for being pop’s saving grace.

She told V in an interview by Sam Smith that she stands for the marginalized, and she finds peace in knowing that the queer community holds her music and persona on a pedestal. Some call her the “Queen,” a name more synonymous with Beyoncé. But Lizzo has her own accolades. She was a prodigal child with a high I.Q., evident by her articulate definition of self-love as having its ebbs and flows. She openly speaks about her larger body with a dose of self-awareness and confidence. And she never attempts to “dumb herself down” nor give up her leanings toward anime. Missy Elliot also christened her career, as she texted Lizzo an excited Emoji and lent her own vocals to Lizzo’s self-scribed song "Tempo".

“Blame it on Your Love” is just as atypical and postmodern as the two artists. The chorus verse asserts the unrequited love - the person who “fucks it up” pushes blame on the relationship's other half. Lizzo then responds in rap that it is the person in love who quote unquote, fucks it up. After all, they fell for an uninvested partner. Though taking the blame even though not having cheated, no apologies are made. The philosophy is upper echelon and hints at Lizzo’s own academic leaning etched all over. The collaboration is unmistakeable.

That said, in NY on June 2nd, you can catch up with the British musical maven at Governor’s Ball. But it’s no mistaking she and friend Lizzo’s rightful place on the fringes and their in with the LGBTQ community. Charli will co-host with Troye Sivan, a one-day pride music festival - Go West Fest. Tune into this latest surprisingly vibrant track, Blame it On Your Love (featuring Lizzo) by Charli XCX below.

You can listen to the track on Spotify and Apple Music.


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