Charli XCX’s New Album Cements Her Icon Status

Charli XCX’s New Album Cements Her Icon Status

The pop mogul focuses inward and electronically flourishes with grace, grit, and vulnerability.

The pop mogul focuses inward and electronically flourishes with grace, grit, and vulnerability.

Text: AJ Longabaugh

My taste in music was officially established in 2016, specifically after I was browsing the interwebs only to discover Charli XCX’s 4-track EP titled Vroom Vroom. Upon my initial listen of her new self-titled album Charli, I audibly screamed after hearing the first lyrics of the opening track “Next Level Charli.”

“I go hard, I go fast / And I never look back / I go speedin' on the highway / Burn rubber, no crash / Turn the volume up in the party / Put your hands up and dance / Bump, bump in the rave / Go forever and ever and…”

Jolting me into another dimension as my midnight snack, Charli goes off and enlists a tour de force of feature artists to rage with her through her complex, keenly produced album totaling a more than satisfying 17 tracks full of highs that are astronomical and lows that have never felt more human.

Whether it’s Christine and the Queens on “Gone”, powerhouses Big Freedia and CupcakKe on “Shake It”, music’s biggest artist right now Lizzo on “Blame It On Your Love”, pop it girl Kim Petras stunting harder than ever on “Click”, or Troye Sivan gloriously making a double appearance on the just shy of an hour soundscape, Charli flexes harder than ever with her tight-knit inner circle of artists/friends who have the ability to summon her unmatched energy, making Charli truly come to life.

Setting every epic feature aside, never have I ever felt more connected to Charli on her standalone tracks especially on the heart-fueled “Official” and my new favorite XCX party anthem “Silver Cross” which celebrates the power of friendship and serves as a reminder that the party is always fucking better with your number one by your side.

Defined as a self-portrait versus a self-titled album, Charli flourishes with an amount of grace, grit, and vulnerability that we haven’t seen released from an artist this year. Cementing her icon status, Charli XCX continues her epic music journey by unapologetically preaching her truths and remaining open as she finds herself along the way. Her mantra is singular, her vibe is infectious, and above all, the sounds she creates are geniously anthemic. Setting her apart from her peers in the industry and making her a beloved member of the V family.



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