Charlotte Lawrence Asks “Why Do You Love Me”

It’s been a bit since Charlotte Lawrence has released music, but she’s back with a bang in her new music song and video.

Charlotte Lawrence opens her new music video for “Why Do You Love Me” with whispers of the song’s title. It had been a while since we heard from the V 117 cover star. Her last song, “Stole My Car“, was released last September, but the drought in her discography is finally over. The new song, still in line with Lawrence’s pop princess status, takes a slightly heavier tone, seemingly influenced by her co-writer and boyfriend, Charlie Puth. A grungy bass line contrasts nicely against Lawrence’s soft voice while thumping percussion sets up a banging, trance-like chorus.

The video, shot by director Alasdair McLellan, features trouble in suburbia. Lawrence rides through a neighborhood on a bicycle, mixed between shots of her kissing Lucky Blue Smith. After a turbulent party and a few confrontations with her video partner, she lights up his car with her cigarette. Lawrence turns up the heat, dancing, and singing in front of the flames before the video ends with her taxiing away. Despite the hushed mumbles that begin her video, we hear Charlotte loud and clear: a new era begins. This song is exactly why we love you.

You can watch “Why Do You Love Me” by Charlotte Lawrence below.

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