Hear Cheat Codes’ Latest Track Leading Up To Debut Album

The LA-based trio of DJs is kicking off their virtual residency with a new feature by CXLOE and livestreaming performances from their debut album “HellRaisers.”

EDM/pop DJ trio Cheat Codes dropped a new track, “Between Our Hearts,” on September 2 with CXLOE, marking the tip-off of their ‘virtual residency’ and anticipating their first studio album. 

Cheat Codes shot by Cynthia Parkhurst. Via @cheatcodes on IG.

The LA-based group’s debut album “HellRaisers” has been a long time coming, and consists of three parts in an EP-like fashion. Each of the three parts of the album personify an individual member of the multiplatinum group that is Cheat Codes:  KEVI, Trevor Dahl, and Matthew Russell.


“Ever since coming together 6 years ago, we’ve wanted to make an album,” said the trio. “The time, energy, love and effort that we are putting into this body of work is something we are so excited to share and the three parts of this body of work are a reflection of the three identities that represent Cheat Codes.”


Beginning in their bedroom studios in 2014, Cheat Codes embodies self-made success. The three DJs did everything themselves, from artwork to mixing, mastering, vocals, production, and an attempted music video.

Their sound, much like the three of them, has the range to be dynamic, the potential to be stylistically different with each track; mostly, it’s smooth, catchy pop beats, often with a big-name feature.


“It’s always been hard for us to put together a body of work because we love so many different genres, themes and stories,” said Russell. “So with our debut album we decided to do three parts, one to represent each of our distinct personalities and influences. We’ll be releasing a song every month until the whole album is out.”


The collaboration with Australian pop artist CXLOE was the first release, and the ‘virtual residency’ will be continued with livestreamed performances of every single. 

Cheat Codes boasts a stunning number of over 1 million followers on Spotify and over 14 million monthly listeners, and have worked with some of the biggest artists in the industry, from Demi Lovato to Cardi B to Camila Cabello.


“We had an idea to make music we loved, and travel the world DJing and performing,” they said. “That idea grew and grew and grew. It put us on some of the world’s biggest stages, and got us opportunities to work with the world’s biggest artists.” 


Since their debut single “Visions” in 2015, the group has put out over a dozen tracks, all culminating to this: their first studio album, distinctively produced by the three DJs.


“We can’t wait for you to hear all the music we’ve created in the last year and are thankful to all our fans, old and new, that have taken this crazy journey with us.”


“Between Our Hearts” feat. CXLOE is available to stream on platforms now, and the debut album “HellRaisers” will be released via 300 Entertainment.

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