Check Mate! Super Bowl 2020 Best Checkered Duo

Check it out, players go head-to-toe for unique title.

While kickoff is set to start at 6:30pm Eastern time for Super Bowl LIV, there is another showdown taking place. Battle of the checkers, as the San Francisco 49ers take on the Kansas City Chiefs. To celebrate the upcoming Super Bowl, we will judge the best dressed footballers who utilized checker print for their game day looks. Players for this roster include, Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes II versus Jimmy Garoppolo and Richard Sherman. This particular game, teammates fight for the title, “Best Dressed Checkered Duo.”


Via Instagram @killatrav
Via Instagram @patrickmahomes

Up first is Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end, Travis Kelce who is styled in a Rochambeau wool and houndstooth coat. The black and white grandfather style coat is painted on with red paint, viewable from the back. This effortless and artistic outfit coincides with his nonchalant style, who is pictured with a hat backwards, all black ensemble underneath, and accessorized with black gloves. The beloved Kansas quarterback Patrick Mahomes II however, opts for a clean blue checkered suit combo, unbutton collar—no tie. Mahomes takes a different route for accessories: sunglasses, headphones, jewelry, and don’t forget the handkerchief. This duo is well-coordinated, both featuring monogrammed luggage. 

Next, features 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, bringing competition with another blue and checker pantsuit. Noticeable differences include minimalistic approach. Rather, personal style is shown through choice of luggage. Last but not least, San Fran’s cornerback might not be super-fan of checkers for game day, but is seen pairing a checkered shirt with his RSPCT collection. Richard Sherman is giving us clean and professional vibes. Teammates are seen matching simple uniforms on and off the field.

Via Instagram @jimmypolo10
Richard Sherman on Maks Menswear

After much deliberation, we are giving this round to the Kansas City Chiefs. The duo brought individuality, artistic aesthetics, and sharpness. While checkers is not a team sport, tune in Sunday to see how these teammates work together. 

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