Chela Dances Her “Heart O’ Hearts” Out In New Video

With a dance battle against her evil twin sister, Australian singer Chela drops the music video to her new song, “Heart O’ Hearts.”

Chela has always been musical. She performed in dance competitions as a kid and by age 12, she was creating her own music. At 16, she used those songwriting chops for her band, “The Gingers” (she loves redheads), and toured with them too. Her storied musical history starts with her sister Nicole, singing at Sunday markets in their native Australia. Funnily enough, her latest single and its video, “Heart O’ Hearts”, also relates back to her sister,

“When writing the concept for the video I imagined having my sister Nicole perform it with me as we are like twins (and my relationship with her somewhat inspired the song), but alas we were separated by oceans, so I recruited my dear friend Sierra to do it. I then choreographed the dance and took it to one of my favourite LA-based choreographers Melissa Schade to polish it, and direct us on the day. A dream team of talented women helped create this video and it was one of the most enjoyable filming experiences I’ve ever had!” 

In the video, Chela battles it out with her evil twin persona with the same dream-like fervor of the song. “Heart O’ Hearts” is a punchy, synth-filled track after any pop lover’s ears. Mirroring her catalog thus far, “Heart O’ Hearts” is an on-brand banger and a comprehensive look into Chela’s musical magic. Whipping you through a disco-fueled, spell-like trance, this song, and its video is one you won’t want to miss.

To make it even more impressive, Chela wrote, directed, styled and choreographed the video. “Heart O’ Hearts” comes off Chela’s forthcoming “Delivery” EP, due October 23rd. Check out the music video below.


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