Chlöe Bailey Announces Debut Album, “In Pieces”

The R&B star announced her highly anticipated solo album release for March 2023

Chlöe Bailey has announced her long-awaited and highly anticipated debut album, In Pieces. The 24-year-old R&B star announced the album with a teaser on her Instagram, which shows her in a dramatic cherry red latex gown acting as a human balance, holding a golden heart in her left hand and a golden globe in her right. The caption reads, “IN PIECES. MY DEBUT ALBUM. MARCH 2023.”

The teaser included a snippet from an unreleased song, with Bailey singing, “With my heart on my sleeve / They all say I’m naive / When did it all get so heavy?” 

While this is the first long form solo project for Bailey, she is already a seasoned musician from her part in sister duo Chloe x Halle, already having two albums under her belt as well as consistent attention and praise from Beyoncé (Chlöe x Halle as well as Chlöe Bailey as a solo act are signed by Parkwood Entertainment, the entertainment label founded by Beyoncé herself).

2022 proved to be a busy year for Bailey, releasing a trail of singles as an extended tease of the upcoming album, including “Treat Me,” “Surprise,” and “For the Night.” Bailey has already shown off her extreme talents as a musician, and her upcoming album will allow her to talk more in-depth about her own personal relationships. 

Put simply by the artist herself in an August 2022 interview on her future solo career with Billboard, “The album is me picking myself up and talking myself out of any little place or space that the world has tried to put me in, that people and personal relationships have tried to put me in, and even [doing that to] myself. It’s me breaking free.”

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