Chloé Lives in the Solution For Fall/Winter 2022

Creative director Gabriela Hearst looks to “Rewilding” as a sign of climate hope.

Gabriela Hearst does not seem to occupy herself with doomscrolling as the worry for climate change continues to be a pertinent reminder in our daily lives. Instead, the creative director has visualized a more pragmatic resolution: climate success. 

Hearst continues to hone in on responsible climate solutions for Chloé’s approach for sustainable womenswear, creating a conversation about the origin of the source rather than the composition of the material. There isn’t a fear of openly utilizing by-products from animals. Full leather ensembles included biker trenches, calfskin boots, backpacks, and clutches.  Cashmere was the other dominant material, expressed through tank tops and intricately dyed ponchos.

Inspired by Franco Zeffirelli’s 1973 film “Brother Sun, Sister Moon,”   film that chronicles the life of Saint Francis of Assisi, Hearst takes that tale of the patron saint of ecologists and animals to support the creation of her own eco-system. Hues of red, blue, and orange create a new natural environment, seen in textured knit dresses. Puffed sleeved dresses over cashmere pants add the perfect breakup between tailored leather coats and pants. 

By the finale, Imagery of the icy Arctic cover a full look, from sweater to tote bag to boots, Hearst seems to have her answer, having reached out to British author Isabella Tree, who wrote “Wilding,” a documentation of her return to nature. “Rewilding” for Heart starts with herself, taking the Maison to live in the solution rather than ignore it through counterproductive means.


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